click 2 call

Click to call service allows you to start a real time conversation over phone between two individuals.

Click to call or call back service can be used for sales support, customer care and can be integrated with your website or application.

  • One-Click-Call
  • Record & log every call
  • Never miss a visitor
  • real-time details

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A click to call is an icon or a A call button on the company website. It is a very easy way for the clients or the visitors to the website to get in touch with the company. They can do so with just a click on the icon. The company gets a notification and calls the client back when both the client and the company agent are free.

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Click to call service is equivalent to online free calls or voip free calling in India if the number published is a toll-free number. You just click the call button and you get connected with the agent without any hassle with click to call in India.
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