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Voice SMS brings business and hence are being used as an effective marketing tool these days. If the message is conveyed in local language,

it attracts more visitors. Outbound Dialers are therefore the right choice for your all business needs. Our voice call solutions are designed to make communication personalized and effective.

  • Send voice to individuals or groups from the web
  • Send voice based on your own schedule Date and Time
  • Send voice in Multiple Languages
  • Marketing/Transactional voice calls
  • Real time voice delivery reports

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voice Marketing as mobile has become an inevitable part of our life. Promotional voice will be delivered right to the customers' mobile phones and they can use the information at any time they wish as the message will be saved in their phone. voice Marketing is useful for all types of businesses for targeting the local customers. With the help of Bulk voice Campaigns you can increase your sale by 200% in just a couple of days during the festivals or promotions. voice Marketing service is good for promotions as well as communication with your customers and convey your brand message or to develop strong brand awareness among the mass.

TRANSACTIONAL : Only transactional related messages contents as prescribed by TRAI is only allowed through this route. Instant & 24 x 7 Delivery to DND Numbers along with 6 Characters Sender ID available

MARKETING : This route is very economical and specialy designed for bulk marketing campaigns and all other features are same as Normal Route but delivery timings are different in this route, messages triggered through this route will take 0 – 3 hours to deliver.

INTERNATIONAL : This route is designed for delivering messages globally. We can delivery your messages to 180+ Countries & 800+ Networks Globally. Delivery Terms, Timings, Availability of Sender ID's, Message Content Screening will done as per each country local rules and regulations

WEB : An extremely easy to use web application enables you to send voice from anywhere by simply logging into the web interference.

Create a user account with our online web panel vasbay.com and contact our support they will gade the steps
Urgent broadcasts or multicasts can be sent from anywhere as the office, internet or computers are not needed for sending such Voice SMSs with our solutions. You can call our specific numbers to record your message and schedule it for the group members. Provision of transparent pricing, API integration solutions, boundary-free functionality, hassle-free operations, smooth communication, voice translation facilities, clarity and numerous Voice SMS solutions make Bulk SMS Gateway the best service provider for your organization.
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